Any Special Information In Vert Freak 101?

| Saturday, August 8

On the mission to find the best product to increase your vertical jump, you’ll have to look over many different aspects of what each program has to offer. Most vertical jump programs provide you with potentially effective workout plans and exercise descriptions, but many fail to cover the other aspects affecting your vertical improvement. VertFreak101 has 28 chapters of content and covers a large variety of topics relating to increasing your vertical jump. This post will mention some unique information provided with the product.

First of all, if you'd like to check out the titles of each chapter in the program, you can find them all here.

Looking over the chapter titles, you'll notice that this product contains loads of information not only about vertical jumping workouts, but also about a lot of aspects regarding fitness in general. Certain exclusive chapters that I enjoyed include: Mentality and Confidence Training, Nutrition101, and Genetics- Getting the best out of what you were given.

These sections stood out to me because I'd yet to see such thorough information covered in other vertical jump programs. While other vertical jump development e-books generally only focus on the workouts and training, this product basically covers everything you need to consider when pursuing your goal of maximizing your jump. Just from reading the chapter titles I mentioned above, you could probably tell that you'll learn about the mental, nutritional, and genetic impacts of training. The program guides you in maintaining yourself at many different levels to hopefully achieve optimal results. Is there any bonus information other than that in the chapters listed? Nope.

At the bottom of the main site, there's actually a question asking, "WHY NO BONUSES with the program?" The explanation given for the lack of "bonus products" was that everything you'd ever need to know had already been included in the VertFreak101 product. I'm not too sure if that last statement is true, but I trust that the author has put all of his knowledge into the program. Overall, it's an interesting product bringing a lot of information that is potentially helpful for all types of athletes.

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