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| Friday, July 31

Hey everyone,

My name is Tyler Parkman. If you're not familiar with me already, let me quickly tell you my story. I live in the Los Angeles, California area and have lived around here all my life. In high school, I played basketball and did high jump, long jump, and triple jump in track & field. The embarrassing truth was that I was underperforming despite my height advantage (I'm pretty tall). I was about 6 feet tall in high school, but I couldn't even touch rim. Not only did I feel inferior to my shorter teammates excelling past me in sports, but I was also told that I had a lot of potential I was not taking advantage of.

I no longer wanted to be disappointed in myself, so I looked towards the internet for the solution to my problem. I looked up a lot of information on jumping higher and getting stronger, and that was when I found out about vertical jump training and plyometrics. If you don't know already, plyometrics are exercises for improving explosive movements such as jumping and sprinting.

Anyways, I found a lot of workouts and exercises out there which I experimented with throughout high school. I faced a couple of injuries when doing some ineffective exercises, but in the end, plyometrics really helped me to improve as an athlete. I was able fulfill my dream of dunking and keep up with my athletic friends in most sports.

Going into college I knew that it would be harder to make the sports teams, so I looked for more improvement for my vertical jump. That's when I started to try out some vertical jump programs. I just want to say that there are some pretty darn good programs out there today that can greatly improve your vertical.

I was glad I had the chance to increase my vertical leap and enhance my experience with my favorite sports. It's amazing how much room for improvement there is if you really put your heart into it.

I just wanted to thank you for checking out my site. I hope you find my information useful and that it will help you keep an open mind about vertical jump training. I questioned its effectiveness at first. However, after trying it out, I never looked back.


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