3 Ways To Stay Injury-Free When Using Vert Freak 101

| Friday, August 14

People are often careless when they’re excited and anxious about starting something new. This eventually leads to an unhappy outcome. I have to admit, it’s very exciting when you first start Vert Freak 101. You start to think of how your life could be with your vertical jump increase and how accomplished you will be. People tend to dive into new workouts at full force when they first start out and end up hurt. After getting hurt, they give up. Don’t get me wrong, you will be successful if you follow the program consistently, but I just want to give 3 guidelines to ensure your safety when starting out with Vert Freak 101.

1. Always Warm-Up
The most common part of an exercise athletes tend to ignore is the warm-up! I cannot stress how important warming up and stretching is when doing Vert Freak 101 exercises. You'll be doing explosive workouts that stress your muscles pretty well. To prevent injuries from happening, you're going to need to make sure your muscles are warm and stretched. I suggest doing a light cardio workout followed by some dynamic stretching as your warm up. There is actually a chapter in Vert Freak 101 regarding warming up, so you can learn more specifics from there.

2. Take a Break!
I know you want the most improvement and you want it as SOON as possible, but it's simply counterproductive if you over train yourself. Your muscles grow during its healing process, so let it heal. You're trying to stimulate and develop your muscles, not tear them! If you want to improve, you'll need to let your muscles improve as well. I usually know when it's time to take a break when I have trouble walking. However, maybe your body is different. Which brings me to my next point...

3. Know Your Limits
Consistently following the workout in Vert Freak 101 that you found compatible with yourself is very important. However, only you know your limits. Even if a workout was personally made for you by a coach, it doesn't mean you have to push yourself past exhaustion to follow through with it. I'm sure you've had your fair share of injuries, so you should be familiar with some of the warning signs prior to them. Watch out for the signs, and take good care of yourself. It's tempting to finish up the workout in order to achieve the feeling of accomplishment but if something doesn't feel right, don't push yourself off the edge. To get the best results possible, you'll have to take good care of yourself.

Everyone is excited when they first start a vertical jump improvement program. So don't feel too bad, you're not the only one that can get careless. One reason I recommend Vert Freak 101 is because each exercise has a detailed description and a video making sure you’re training correctly. Nevertheless, whether you're using Vert Freak 101 or a different vertical jump product, I'm confident you will be happy with your results if you keep these 3 aspects in mind. Good luck!

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